Europa-Rallye 2021

Dear friends, caravanners.

In 2021, the EUROPA RALLYE will write its 59th chapter. This time, the regular meetings held annually from 1961 will continue in Slovakia in a historically very interesting region associated with the development of mining.

The very choice of the meeting place will draw you into history and, at the same time, bring you closer to the present of one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. From the place where we´ll spend moments together, you will have a panoramic view of one of the most beautiful and most visited castles in Slovakia, Bojnice Castle.

The tours of the historic cities that we have prepared for you, together with the beautiful nature you will be surrounded by, will allow you to relax, get to know and sightsee unique historical monuments.
When we add the gastronomy characteristic of this region, you will certainly return to Slovakia in the future to get to know it even better.

Another great symbolism is that our temporary location will be only 20 km from the geographical centre of Europe. Which one of you, the sympathizers of the EUROPA RALLYE, have already been to the place that is the centre of our continent and which we have incorporated in our name?

Let me invite you all to a joint meeting prepared by us in the heart of Europe.

We look forward to welcoming you here.

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